Creator of the Year 2024 - FORMAFANTASMA

The founders of Formafantasma, Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, certainly don't fit the mold of a typical design studio. Since their founding in 2009, the two designers have followed their own rhythm. With studios in Milan and Rotterdam, they specialize in bringing nature and man-made environments together in a harmonious way; not seeing each as the antithesis of the other, but as an extension - an idyllic symbiosis. Formafantasma closely examines spaces and objects from a design and material standpoint, but most importantly, they value and integrate the social significance of design into each individual creation. Whether the focus is on a space or a product, commercial or independent, each project is based on meticulous research that guides and sets the starting point for Formafantasma's expression of form, function and content in their various design projects and consultations.

Jury Statement

“Formafantasma is disrupting the world of design. Not through visual loudness, but on the contrary through high sensitivity and a special sense of design, combined with a strong awareness and critique of consumerism. Breaking routines, questioning conventions, opening discussions: Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin take a stand against the contradictory audacity of our times, which increasingly demands solutions for the future of our planet but is unwilling to sacrifice comfort. Their motto is simple: think before you design. Rigorous simplification is the studio's approach to designing products, spaces and exhibitions. They have worked successfully with major brands such as Flos, Lobmeyr, Vitra, Artek and Rubelli, and have also used design as a tool in projects with luxury brands such as Prada, Bulgari and Hermès. The ICONIC AWARDS 2024 jury would like to see more of this approach in interior design and recognizes Formafantasma as a pioneer of a holistic understanding of design and a leading voice and player in the industry, awarding them the title of "Creator of the Year".”

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