The winners of the special categories

© Marva Griffin

Marva Griffin, Founder of the Legendary SaloneSatellite, and Norwegian Sustainability Pioneer Vestre - Honoured at the ICONIC AWARDS 2023: Innovative Interior


Winner in the special category “Creator of the Year”: Marva Griffin

The jury said:

“With her commitment to the development and expansion of the SaloneSatellite since its foundation in 1998, Marva Griffin has given more than 13,000 design talents visibility on the international stage of the Milan Furniture Fair, which remains the most important international show for young design today. She has become the godmother of young designers, and has created a unique platform for them to network on an international level and to gain a foothold in the design business. With an enormous amount of passion and love for design, the interior designer and former assistant to Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, founder of B&B Italia (known as C&B Italia at the time) has evolved into a renowned exhibition organiser. Marva Griffin herself has become a creator of creators, and has established a platform in SaloneSatellite that provides visibility to young authors of design and strong concepts, and drives innovation.”


Winner in the special category “Brand of the Year”: VESTRE

Photo credits: Einar Aslaksen


The jury said:

“The Norwegian brand Vestre stands for contemporary furniture design and a particularly sustainable brand development. Management within the family business that is as passionate as it is wise has strengthened the brand for 70 years. Today the company is one of the furniture industry’s pioneers in terms of sustainability, with CO2 neutral production in its own factory and exceptional commitment to positive climate development. The brand not only stands for outstanding quality and environmental sustainability, but also for “Social Design” in particular. The Norwegian manufacturer’s outdoor furniture has an equally decisive influence on the development of urban spaces, bringing people together and the design discourse.“

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