The winners of the special categories

Winner in the special category “Creator of the Year”: Formafantasma

The jury said:

"Formafantasma is disrupting the world of design. Not through visual loudness, but on the contrary through high sensitivity and a special sense of design, combined with a strong awareness and critique of consumerism. Breaking routines, questioning conventions, opening discussions: Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin take a stand against the contradictory audacity of our times, which increasingly demands solutions for the future of our planet but is unwilling to sacrifice comfort. Their motto is simple: think before you design. Rigorous simplification is the studio's approach to designing products, spaces and exhibitions. They have worked successfully with major brands such as Flos, Lobmeyr, Vitra, Artek and Rubelli, and have also used design as a tool in projects with luxury brands such as Prada, Bulgari and Hermès. The ICONIC AWARDS 2024 jury would like to see more of this approach in interior design and recognizes Formafantasma as a pioneer of a holistic understanding of design and a leading voice and player in the industry, awarding them the title of "Creator of the Year"."


Winner in the special category “Brand of the Year”: Vibia Lighting


The jury said:

“The jury of the ICONIC AWARDS 2024: Interior Products awards the title of "Brand of the Year" to Vibia Lighting for its outstanding commitment and understanding of decorative lighting. Not only by combining sensory experience with the latest technological advances, but also by doing so in a unique and somewhat revolutionary way. It is this consistent effort that has earned the Spanish lighting company its place in the competitive lighting market. Thanks to their modular approach to design and meticulous manufacturing at their headquarters near Barcelona, they are able to customize a wide variety of lighting collections for specific projects, giving their designs a high degree of versatility, allowing them to be installed compactly as spot lighting, but also arranged expansively and reorganized according to changing needs. Vibia Lighting also expresses a clear commitment to responsible consumption, with a focus on timelessness in terms of product life and the conscious use of materials and components designed to be repairable and recyclable.“

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